Experience Reports

More and more people are deciding in favor of the application of magnesium via the skin. By way of example, below several statements and experience reports of users are summarized, which reflect the diverse application possibilities.

No more muscle soreness after sport

I always use magnesium oil after sport. I have never had any muscle soreness since then. In the hot season, when I work and sweat in 35 degrees, I occasionally get calf cramps at night. Then I spray magnesium and the matter is dealt with. There is also no muscle pain the next morning. I have firmly made up my mind, now that I have read even more about magnesium, to really apply it mornings and evenings, because I tolerate all the magnesium tablets so poorly. My husband also uses it. He is also very satisfied.

Restless Legs Syndrome significantly improved

I have suffered with the Restless Legs Syndrome for 30 years. At night I have only slept for 2 hours and had to take strong medication. My doctor has now recommended that I rub in magnesium oil. It is like a minor miracle: Since I have been using it, I can sleep through again at night for 5 hours and more. I am a new person! Simply ingenious!

Finally there is an alternative to taking magnesium

I have used the magnesium rubbing oil for the body 3 times a day for 10 days and also make the footbaths. Unfortunately I cannot tolerate magnesium taken orally. My doctor said I suffer from massive magnesium deficiency. Already after a short time there have been improvements, however I still get leg cramps now and again in the evenings and at night, but not as strongly and continuously as before by far. But I have read that it takes several weeks until the body has again absorbed enough magnesium. In any case I am happy and grateful, that there is now this possibility of absorbing magnesium.

Finally no more foot cramps at night

The magnesium flakes are terrific, dissolve immediately! I make a footbath with them again and again. As a result I feel much better and my muscles no longer cramp up at night!

For magnesium deficiency

For magnesium deficiency, instead of magnesium tablets I use the magnesium flakes from Zechstein as a footbath with 125 g in 4 liters of water or as a full bath with 500g. It simply does me good, is relaxing and the skin becomes really soft.

Really works!

While reading an article on the effectiveness of magnesium through the skin, I came across these flakes. After a tense night and corresponding back pain, I poured the contents of the sachet into a full bath and bathed according to the instructions (37 degrees water temperature, at least 30 min.) and rose from the bathtub like a "Phoenix from the ashes"... well OK, a little exaggerated. But the muscle relaxation was definitely real, the tension could no longer be felt.

Also tolerable with sensitive skin

I have sensitive skin and after an initial familiarization (one, two spray applications on the calves and wait to see what happens...) and a little itchiness, in the meantime I am so far, that I apply the magnesium spray to diverse areas of the skin mornings and evenings and can also easily keep it on until the next shower without it disturbing me. And those are areas of the skin, such as the stomach, where I had previously  also thought "that will never ever be tolerable there"... Where it is definitely unpleasant and not tolerable at all (at least with me) is on the neck. But calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms, back and shoulder area – all no problem. And yes, I also feel (not always) the sensation of heat or brief initial tingling at times, but then everything is great. As I said, even until the next shower, the whole day or the entire night. And considerably more effective than just taking it orally, since with the immediate effect (especially with calf cramps) and also even after a short time (approx. one week) there are visible initial successes.

Great product!

I got the magnesium oil to try out and since I have sensitive skin, I decided on the version for sensitive skin. After the first applications I can only say, that I am completely satisfied with it! But the best thing is, that it really helps against my neck tension (which otherwise also tends to lead to migraine).

I love this magnesium oil

I suffer from chronic pain/tension and this oil is simply a blessing. I use it every evening, the relaxation comes really quickly.

Magnesium Oil

Very good medication! To be recommended for everyone! It is very rich! And one can apply it very easily! Good oil, which we will continue to use again and again.

Relaxation guaranteed!

Evenings a long footbath with Zechstein Magnesium Flakes and the relaxation comes 1/2 hour later and I have a peaceful night. Wonderful!

Miracle cure

Since I have had problems with tensed muscles, muscular cramps and the like for a long time, I have already tried several remedies. When I ordered the Magnesium Oil from Zechstein, my expectations were not very high (give it a try – see what happens). I am absolutely thrilled with the effect. No more sore muscles, no tension, no muscular cramps. Yes, the oil does not draw in particularly well, and it tingles quite strongly on the skin (I have really sensitive skin), but with the effect, that is so irrelevant. Absolutely no comparison with magnesium tablets/powder, where one has to wait for months for the effect (if one can tolerate the tablets at all, which was not always the case with me). With the oil I noticed the effect the very next day. And apart from the very positive effect on the muscles, in addition it has another plus: since I apply it evenings, I sleep much calmer and more relaxed due to the magnesium. Really great!!!

Good choice!

Very satisfied. Has an excellent effect for muscular tension and as sleeping aid. And also very rich!

Magnesium Oil – very good!

Happy to use it again. Very fine for relaxing muscles. It sometimes burns a little on the skin, but that doesn’t bother me.

Protects against muscle soreness!

It really works: Muscle soreness is prevented or disappears within one day after the application! Once when I went on a long hiking tour with friends, I sprayed my legs beforehand. In the evening, as the others complained about sore muscles, I was simply just pleasantly tired, but without any pain. Thereupon, a female friend who had also hiked with us tried the spray. Before, due to sore muscles she could hardly climb the stairs. After 2 hours she was able to move normally again. She told us later, that she had no more muscular aches and pains the next day.

First Aid!

We are amazed with the magnesium oil and use it in many ways. For muscle tenseness it is rubbed into the neck and the tension disappears. After greater physical exertion, we treat the affected areas preventively with it and have muscle soreness much less often the next day. Really great!


It is miraculous for muscular tension and minor strains in the legs and calves, even after sport. The oil is non-greasing, is easy to apply and rub in, and I feel buoyant when walking. I also find it wonderful, that one does not need to swallow any powders and pills. I can recommend the product very highly!

Magnesium oil

That is an experiment for me, because I have a magnesium deficiency. I sprayed my legs before going to bed. As a result I no longer have any Restless Legs twitching and have warm feet and legs. One often hears about skin reactions, but I cannot confirm this. It is also good against cramps, such as e.g. after sport. I will buy it again and again and can only recommend it.

Unbelievably good!

I ordered the Magnesium Oil several weeks ago because of the good reviews, since I have suffered for months with the consequences of a whiplash injury and am more than positively surprised. My husband rubs me twice a day with the oil in the shoulder- and neck area. After just a few days my symptoms were significantly better. My experiences after several weeks are positive without exception.

  • Significantly fewer symptoms in the shoulder and neck
  • Restful sleep
  • Reduction of the dark rings around my eyes
  • Attractive, taut skin

Clear recommendation to buy!